Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Toolsmartz - Column #4- zero clearance insert

Now, we’re starting to cook. We got our first reader email as a result of our new column. It was from a fellow named “Jim” and he said, “Tom, As a newbie to the area do you know if there is a local supplier that would carry a zero clearance table saw insert for a 7yr. old, 10" Ridgid table saw?”

Jim, I’ve got a good answer for you, but if you don’t mind, I’m going to use your email as a teaching moment for our other readers. I hope it’s OK with you, because I want to be able to connect with my readers and be able to help them to the best of my ability.

First off: Please send your emails to Toolsmartz@bellsouth.net This is the fastest, most trouble-free way to send me an email. Don’t send it thru the paper’s contactus address. It takes longer to get back around to me.
Second: I can assist you better if I know your tool’s Model Number. Just like in your question, Jim - I know people who might have that very insert, but without the exact Model Number I can’t pin it down for them.
Lastly: Please send me your full name. (NOTE: only the writer’s first name will be published) If I happen to refer you to one of my ‘preferred suppliers’, I want to be able to let them know you are coming so they can take good care of you.

Now, back to you Jim. I don’t know of anyone that has Ridgid inserts sitting on the shelf were you can go pick one up. It’s possible that Woodcraft in Franklin may have one that would be compatible but I’m not sure. It is also possible that a ZC Insert for a Craftsman saw would work on your saw, because Ridgid/Craftsman were made by the same company a few years ago…but again, I’m not positive. Here is what I DO know. There is a Ridgid service center in downtown Nashville that can order the very insert that you need. I know these guys. They are one of my ‘preferred suppliers’ and they will take good care of you. The shop is called “Toolserve of Nashville” and you should call Roger at 242-7500. Tell him that Tom at ToolSmartz sent you to him and he will do you right.

Thanks for your question Jim and since you were the first - you get the famous ‘no-prize’ from ToolSmartz. See ya’ll next week.

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