Friday, August 29, 2008

The trip to Atlanta

Well, it has been a while since I’ve posted…sorry for the delay, but as some of you might know, I recently took a job that has very limited internet access during the day. Not that I get paid to post during working hours, but I’m not sure how doing so during my lunchtime would/should bother anything… but that’s ok.

Anyhow, once every two years, the International Woodworking Fair comes to Atlanta. This year was the year. All of the companies I used to work for would be there…so a few weeks ago, I had the chance to get a free ticket and I felt I needed to go, so I went.

I have a good friend living in Atlanta who schooled me on the Atlanta MARTA train schedules, so I parked in North Atlanta and rode the train/subway down thru town and out to the World Congress Center where IWF was.

On my way there, I had to change trains at “Five Points Station”- sort of a main hub. Whils standing there, I noticed two fellows standing by me, who were wearing their IWF badges. As we stood there, here comes a skinny, bearded guy with a clipboard and a form and he asked them: “You guys want to update your voter’s registration?” They shook their heads ‘no’…then here he comes toward me- I noticed he was wearing an “Obama ‘08” t-shirt…and he asked me the same thing: “You want to update your voter’s registration?” So I said: “DOOD, You’re not really going to vote for that Muslim-Communist, are you?”
The two guys there busted up laughing…and beardo just got this blank look on his face and turned away without saying a word… so I says “Hmmm, I guess he is”… we all had a good laugh about it.

I caught the right train and went on to the show. I saw a few of my friends, but missed some of the important ones I wanted to connect with…it seems they leave on Friday…rats…oh well.
So I saw all I could see, caught the return trains and headed home.

Coming up I-24 toward Monteagle, I passed a van that had water standing under the front end. There was a man and woman standing by it. I had an initial feeling that I should stop, but kept going. When I got to the top of the mountain (about a mile away), I couldn’t help it, Something kept telling me to help…so I turned around and drove the 3.5 miles back down the mountain, then turned back around (would it have been better to stop the FIRST time? Maybe, but then I wouldn’t have seen the 24 hour truckstop that I thought could help) and drove back up the mountain and stopped behind the van.

After introducing myself to the couple, I offered to take them, or one of them, on up the mountain to see about some help. They had already been on the phone with AAA and supposedly had a tow truck on the way. So the fellow left his wife with the van and I took him up to the truckstop.

He found out the tow truck was coming from someone the truckstop operators know, so he was in good hands and told me go ahead – they’d be fine. So I headed on back home.

In this life, there are no coincidences…Someone set it up that I would be coming along just at that time…maybe that was the reason for the whole trip? I’ll have to ask Him one day.