Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Courtesy of my DD at http://thegoldensblog.blogspot.com/
The assignment: 1) Find five things around your house that say something about the person you are and snap a picture of them.
2) Tell us about them.

"Around your house" ... mmm... I assume that past and present are game? For me, it has to be that way because the past is such a great part of who I am.

So, first off is my 1934 Ford. My dad bought this car in Mississippi in 1958. It looks a lot different than it did in this 1971 pic, but that's because of all the BS&T (blood sweat & tears) that have been put into it over the past 36 years.

Next up is our mucho-kool bookcases that are beside our fireplace. My wife and I are readers and pack-rats, so we have things in the bookcases that could be elsewhere...but what the heck- it's OUR house, right? This first one is 'mine', that's on the left of our FP.

This next one is 'hers' and she's on the right of the FP. The trophies are some that she won with her 1955 Ford Town Sedan, Ms Mayberry (see her story down below)

Next up is about the only mascot that I have ever had. He doesn't even have a name, but he has been hanging around my bedroom for 20+ years (no telling what all he has seen or heard... and it's probably a good thing that he can't tell us!) He just stays in his place, swinging from the ceiling fan light.

And lastly, but never the least... my two darlins...(well, one darlin and one bag of Trouble - haha) rollin around our living room in their 1949 Taylor Tot stroller. Ain't they the cutest little rascals?

So, there you have 'em... five things.... thanks Tina....

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My Goodness said...

Oh, the monkey! That cracks me up!! Yes, he's definitely been around a long time!!

And #5...well who wouldn't love those two! :)

Good job!!