Wednesday, December 24, 2014

V5.52 - Merry Christmas and so long

Well, by now I have had my neck surgery and have a pretty good idea how it turned out (it was scheduled for 12-19). No matter how it did, I offer Praise and Thanksgiving to my God in Heaven and to His Son, Jesus.

What this does tho, is knock me out of doing these articles and perhaps now is a good time to just end them. When I started this venture 5 years ago, I had hoped that I would get our local readers a little ‘stirred up’ about power tools and get some good feedback. Sadly, that never happened. Only a couple of people ever wrote me and when I responded to their comments, I never heard from them again. Oh, well.

I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Pete and Kaye Doughtie who took a chance on a complete rookie and allowed me to try this effort.

5 years… a LOT has happened in 5 years, but some things remain the same. The Great God I AM is still on His throne and Jesus is still Lord and King. Barry Soetoro still has not produced a valid birth certificate or Social Security number. Democrats are still the party of choice for the pro-death (at least for the unborn) crowd and more racists than were ever in the South. They have become so skilled at creating a crisis to control the news (aka: Wag the Dog) that the low information voters don’t even notice it anymore. (ex: Gruber’s hearing was bad news, so to distract, they release a report about torture from TEN years ago and get that all stirred up again) Republicans are still the party of spineless “leaders” and the party of last resort for those who oppose the internal destruction of our country.

Muslims still pretend to be offended when someone recites the truth about their ‘perfect man’, mohammed. I find it incredibly interesting how simply stating the facts is so unnerving. I suppose that is just a result of trying to keep the sheeple fooled.

5 years in the future… I hope and pray that all Believers have been snatched away (Raptured, if you will) and that we are at home with our Savior. If we have not been caught up, I can tell you this; Christian persecution will still be increasing, Democrats and RINOs will still be serving their own interests, not ours. Gasoline will be more expensive than ever… and Muslims will still be beheading innocent people. Not a very pleasant picture is it?

I’ll leave you with this final thought. Jesus IS coming back. Maybe today…maybe tomorrow…or maybe in 5 years. It is my hope and prayer that everyone who reads this repents and Believes in the One true Son of the Living God. Please be ready to meet Him face to face.

As always, if I can be of assistance to any of you, I can be found at . God Bless you all -30-  

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