Thursday, January 5, 2012

V2.36 - Happy New Year

So, here we are at the end of another year. Wow… I always heard that the older one gets, the faster time flies. After studying that for a few years, I think I know why. When you’re 2 years old, 1 year is one half of your entire life. When you get older, 1 year is only one-50 something of your entire life. So time really doesn’t go faster, it just seems shorter. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.

The year that “they” say we’re gonna expire. There’s a Greek word for that – Baloney. I’ve read the last chapter of THE Book and some things it says must come to pass have not. It also says that Man does not know when the end will come, only the Father knows (Matt 24:36). So, come next Dec 22, we’ll still be here, although there may be fewer of us around. Now, having said that, I fully believe that we are well on our way towards the end. My clues are taken from the Holy Bible and some of the things it mentions are lining right up.
Years ago, no one could imagine that ‘the whole world’ could see anything at the same time (Rev 11:9). Now, it is not only possible, but routine.
We’ll get to the point that we can’t buy or sell anything without a certain mark (Rev 13:16-17) and even now, we can see the technology maturing to the point that this would not be impossible like it was years ago. You know, I’ve always thought that this might play out like this… Gov’t handout money is put on ‘smart cards’ and big momma gets to the register and says “I lost my card, but you gotta give me stuff anyway”. So the gov’t says, “Here, we have come up with a way to be sure you never lose it again. We’ll put this mark on your hand or forehead and all you need to do is put your number in front of the scanner and all is well.” So big momma says, “I’ll do it and the guy who come up with this idea is sooo smart. He needs to be President of the World”.

Oh yea, I’m probably wrong, but it IS coming. If you are still here when the “President of the World” shows up, do whatever you need to do, but do not take that mark. If you do, you will shut the door on any chance you’d ever have of seeing heaven. (Rev 14:9-11)

God Bless you all and we’ll see you in 2012.

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