Thursday, November 4, 2010

Column #37 - Keeping iron dust off your floor

Once upon a time, when your columnist started this effort, he was told that no subject was unapproachable. We may be fixing to find out if that is true or not, because this column is a thinly disguised want ad. You will learn something you may not have known, but you will also get a sales pitch.

Ferrous metal dust (dust with iron in it) is obviously a problem in those shops where a lot of grinding is done, and I suspect that more than one local shop has had some issues with OSHA because of it. Way back when I was with Delta, we sold a fantastic ferrous metal dust collector. The unit was made by Torit and they are among the best at what they do. As it turned out, I became the owner of a brand new 3/4HP single phase unit. It was either take it home, or watch it go in the dumpster. So, being the tool hoarder that I am… anyway, it is a great machine that I have never run. It would be great hooked to an industrial pedestal grinder, it has two suction inlets.

This type of dust collector is strictly made for ferrous metal. One would not want to use it on aluminum or wood, and heaven forbid, aluminum AND wood. Here’s the learning part I mentioned: If you collect aluminum and wood dust in the same container, you have the basic compound of gunpowder…and all it would take is a spark of hot metal tossed into it, to produce an explosion or at least a decent fire. NEVER do this.

So, to prevent this type of event, Torit made (and Delta sold) these dust collectors strictly for ferrous metal use. It is capable of moving 500 CFM and develops a static suction of 3.5 inches of water. It has a set of filter bags in the bottom of the cabinet and the dust is shaken out of them by means of a foot pedal.

Alright - bottom line - I have this thing and I need to sell it. The last list prices of what I have were: the unit itself= $2044.00 ; a new extra set of filter bags= $875.00 ; an accessory air filtration unit= $250.00. As I said, I have never even fired it up. These prices were current in 1993. Heavens knows what they would cost today.

If you’d like to research this a bit more, the Delta model Number was 49-826- I don’t think they sell these any more. If you’re interested in this- send me an email and let’s talk, I’m very easy to negotiate with.

‘Til next week.

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