Thursday, March 11, 2010

Toolsmartz -Column #7- Taylor-Tot pt. 2

I think Mark knows a bit more about how to keep his cordless tools running longer. I sure appreciate you folks writing in and asking those questions. That’s what this whole deal is about. I’m only using my stories as filler while wondering what sorts of questions you will ask.

I guess, let’s go with part 2 of the Taylor-Tot story. We’ll pick up where I left off, right after I got the little beast home.

Now I go trolling for the name “Taylor-Tot”…and lo and behold, I find a guy who was a college professor who was restoring the actual Taylor-Tot stroller from his childhood. Man, he had his lookin sweeet! So I emailed him and we started talking.

Well, during this time of reworking and learning all I can about them, I found another one on ebay and it had the ‘high-class options’ of “wheel pants” and a foot tray. These are groovy little fenders that cover the wheels and don’t let the rider’s feet scrub on the tires and a tray that is put under the rider’s feet when the stroller is used as a ‘pusher’. Lucky me, I won the auction- so now I had 2. (it really does end, but who knows where?). So I get the second one and right off, I discover that it still has the date code that was stamped underneath the seat AND it has most of an original seat decal still in place – oh, my…a prize catch indeed! This thing was made in 1949. Ok, change of priorities… the one from ebay became the project.

We’ll stop here for this week, just so that I can squeeze in my ‘elevator speech’. That’s the speech that one gives during a ride up the elevator when you’re making connections looking for that next career opportunity. So here you are: “You know how there are teams of highly-skilled mechanical and electrical technicians that seem to know all things technical, but just don’t have the skills necessary to effectively communicate to the other departments or write service manuals or the inclination to manage themselves properly? That’s where I come in. I manage groups like that and keep them focused on the straight and narrow in order to provide outstanding service to our internal and external customers.” Since I’m looking for that new career opportunity, if you know of one, or have a connection that might be beneficial, please let me know.

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