Monday, April 21, 2008

The movie star...

Wow, I have a ‘star car’ now.

Do what?

Well, it’s like this… a couple of years ago we were at a car show at a local high school and ran into a guy who owns “Ragtop Picture Cars”. He supplies cars to movies, music videos, commercials- you name it- he does it. The guy owns 72 cars!!

Anyway, I sent him pictures of our cars and told him to let us know if he could use them in a production… and last week I got the call.

A movie about Billy Graham’s Early Years is being filmed in the area and they needed cars for a 1934 tent revival scene. In those days, they used to line up cars around the tent, shining their headlights into the crowd. That was the main light they had.

So anyway, I agreed to show up with our ’34 Ford. I got there about 3:55pm and met some other fellows who brought their cars. One guy had a replica of the car that Bonnie & Clyde got killed in- minus the bullet holes and blood. It was a sweet car.

Anyway, about 4:30 they called us to start bringing the cars around. The shooting was in a field behind the Wilson County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, TN. They had a huge tent set up and many, many extras dressed in 1934 clothes. We parked our cars and then waited…and waited…and waited some more.

A crew from Daystar out of Dallas were shooting some background and doing some interviews and they were 15 feet from me. I went behind the interview camera and found that they were using the ’34 as a backdrop for their interviews…How Kool!

Finally it got dark and they started shooting. The first scene was shot from a high boom camera showing all the people arriving for the revival. My little car was VERY visible…and I was in it. Since my car is already 12v, we were going to hook a battery charger up to it so I could leave the lights on without the battery going dead…but we didn’t have enough chargers at first, so for the opening shot, I sat in the car and let it idle. I’ll be looking for my arm hanging out the window!!

Later we moved around to the other side of the tent, found an extra charger and I just sat in the car all night turning the lights on when they were needed. During the crew’s “lunch” (at midnight) I got about 90 minutes of sleep and during some of the scenes that didn’t need the car lights - I got maybe another 2 ½ hours of sleep. We finished at 5am this morning.

Needless to say, I am ragged out, but it was a neat way to meet some interesting people and see ‘behind the scenes’. Look for the movie: “Billy: The Early Years”. We’ll be there.

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My Goodness said...

You did great labeling things in the pictures...what program did you do that with?

This is so cool! :)